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Investment Highlights

  • Recent entry into high-profile Zika vaccine space with multiple collaborators
  • Second generation Hemorrhagic Fever vaccine (Ebola, Marburg, Lassa) offering broad coverage and distinct advantages vs existing vaccines
  • Multiple targets in the Cancer Immunotherapy space
  • Most clinically advanced vaccine candidate for prevention of HIV infection in the developed world (HIV clade B – US, Western Europe)
  • Novel vaccine technology developed at Emory University, NIH and CDC
  • Proven vaccine protection in HIV and Ebola animal models
  • Demonstrated human safety of MVA-VLP vaccine platform in hundreds of subjects to date
  • Equity capital leveraged with significant non-dilutive NIH support for clinical trials and research grants (>$50 million to date)
  • Strong global patent position with additional manufacturing technical know-how barriers to entry