About GeoVax

GeoVax is a clinical-stage biotech company committed to developing safe and effective vaccines and immunotherapies against cancers and infectious diseases.

Our development programs are based upon a novel platform that integrates our recombinant Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) vector technology with advanced antigen design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. Vaccines produced in this platform are safe, highly immunogenic (providing both antibody and t-cell immunity), suitable for repeated use, stable at refrigerator temperatures, can be lyophilized, and are amenable to rapid and affordable scale-up for use in both epidemic response and routine vaccination.
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Our proprietary technology offers a well-validated platform approach that is suited for use against a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases with significant advantages versus competitive technologies. Our HIV vaccine program is advancing in human clinical trials and our other programs in immuno-oncology and infectious diseases are at various stages of preclinical testing.
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Our business strategy is to advance our products through regulatory registration while also seeking partnership or licensing arrangements that might otherwise maximize the value to our shareholders. We also engage highly experienced third party resources/expertise through collaborations and partnerships for preclinical and clinical testing with well-validated industry, government, and other relevant entities.
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