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Arban Domi, PhD

Arban Domi, PhD

Director, Vector Development

Dr. Domi has 20+ years of experience in poxviruses and vaccine development and was the inventor of the first infectious clone of a poxvirus genome cloned in bacteria. He received his PhD from the University of Paris, followed by post-doctoral training at the Jacques Monod Institute of Molecular Biology in Paris. Both his thesis and post-doctoral studies addressed the replication of vaccinia virus and the construction of cell lines for use in vaccine production. In addition, he worked 8 years in the laboratory of Dr. Bernie Moss as a Research Fellow NIAID, NIH. In 2008 he joined the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) laboratory in Brooklyn, New York, as a Principal Scientist and then as the head of Process Development and Virus Production at IAVI. In 2013 Dr. Domi joined GeoVax as Director of Vaccine Development.

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